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Poems 9

The Promise...

The Promise…
Celebrate God
And His Promise
In Sweet Joy…

With All Your Heart …
And Thought. With
All Spirit…
Fall Upon Surrender…

Nothing Compares
To The Feel
The Sweet Feeling
Of This Rapture…

Dance, Yes Dance
In The Sweet Release
And Become Filled
By His Glorious Spirit…

Hear His Angels Call
And His Voice…
Becoming Renewed…
And Restored,
Return Home…

We Are Uplifted,
Yes Lifted So High,
Ever Soar Higher,
On The Wind
Of His Grace…

In Faith, In
Knowing Truth,
Celebrate, Grace
Yes, His Promise
And Word…

Oh, I Dance,
I Sing , Sweet Jubilation
Dance In Celebration
God And His Promise.

In Sweetest Joy…
Removing All Pain
And Sorrow, Ever I
Fall Upon Surrender…

I Am Enlightened
I Walk And Dance
In Faith And The
Sweet Feeling
Of Rapture…

Come Dance, Dance
The Sweet Release
Heart And Spirit
Filled In Love
And Comfort
Sweet Holy Spirit…

The Angels Dance
On His Voice…
His Word
Restored Forever
New… Reach
Toward His Promise
Hear His Call…

We Are Uplifted,
Yes Lifted So High,
Ever Soar Higher
On the Wind
Of His Grace…

In Faith , In
Knowing Truth,
Celebrate In Joy
Praise His Grace,

The Promise
His Word…

Author: Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais

written on the image
The Promise of New Life

the promise of new life
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