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Hands reach out to us, today!

My hands…

Outstretched in invitation…

Have no hesitation,

“I will give you rest”


My hands…

Outstretched to receive…

Come, draw near, believe

“I will turn none away”


My hands…

Outstretched in pardon…

Offering to everyone

“I will your sins forgive”


My hands…

Outstretched in comfort

Oh, such a charming thought

“I will my peace bequeath”


My hands…

Outstretched in healing

Tenderness revealing

“I will make you whole”


My hands…

Outstretched in grace

Waiting to embrace

“I will hold you safe”


My hands…

Pierced by cruel nails

Love that never fails

“I will lead you home”

Alec Depledge
used with permission

Vain Search

On the futility of searching in the wrong place…


unsure why

inside longing

deep heart cry


Who am I ?

Whence do I come ?

What’s my purpose ?

Time here – how long ?


Elusive answers

impossible to find

when looking in wrong places

groping,  like one blind


Ignoring truth ‘revealed’

it’s obvious to me

there are really none so blind

as those who will not see.

Alec Depledge
used with permission

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