Poems 8

Stand  Against The Whispers

I stand against…
Those whispers
That tell me…
You will fall!
I stand against those…
whispers for they’re
not friend..
at all…
If I bough
If I break
It won’t be
from those
I partake…
For those
Are my Fears…
Hey.. Hey,
Look, look
Right Here!
I will leap toward
Leap forward
In the wind…
Leap with Faith and
Will not bend.
For If I fail …
If I fall…
If I fall
Carry Me
It All
Standing against
The whispers…
Hear their call…
Stand against
the whispers
I saw
I am never alone
Yes… I am free
Stand against
The whispers
That live
In me

Author: Amber Elizabeth Fromm Donais

I'm Here

I thank You Father up above
I thank You for Your awesome love.

I thank You for Your heavenly care
The ways You show me that You're still there.

When every one else walks away
I thank You Father, You always stay.

When inside it feels all hope is gone
You quicken my spirit with a new song.

When my world seems shattered beyond repair
I find Your comfort in times of prayer.

When darkness surrounds me, black as night
I thank You for Your guiding light.

When I feel I can no longer stand
You gently remind me, 'I'm here, you can.'

Author: Frog