Reflections on Bible verses

John 1:9
The true light that gives light to every man
was coming into the world.

They were two rather ordinary vases of flowers. They sat at opposite ends of
the table in church. They showed no flower-arranging skill - they were just simple
bunches of single mauve chrysanthemums standing there modestly and quietly.

Then the clouds outside parted and the sun shone in through a window high in the
church wall. It picked out just one vase. The dull mauve flowers were transformed,
suddenly blazing with colour, the edges of the petals bright with light. They looked
glorious, standing out from the shadowed wall behind. The other flowers at the far
end of the table were still half hidden in the gloom.

It's amazing what a little sudden sunlight can do. I sat and thanked  God for light
and the unexpected beauty it can bring. My eyes kept moving from one bunch of
flowers to the other. "Which was I?" I wondered. The dull, almost colourless flowers
in the shade or was my life etched in light? A touch of light can bring new colour,
new life, even new meaning to things.

So often in the Gospels Jesus talks about truth as light. About bringing light into
dark places. And Jesus himself is described as "the true light that gives light to
everyone." Let him light up your life today.

And another thing - plants can't live without light. Can we?

Lord of all beauty, shine your light
on me today that I may brighten up
the lives of those I meet.

Eddie Askew
(Talking with Hedgehogs - Thought for the Day, page 50)

1 John 4:18
There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear,
because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not
made perfect in love.

While I approach God with reverence and awe because he is the
holy and majestic God, I don't have to fear his presence. Because
of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, I know God is my Abba Father. He
longs for me to draw near him. He has shown me his heart by sending
Jesus. He has shown me his love by having Jesus die for me. If he
loves me that much, then I can trust that his desire is to save and
bless me. I don't have to fear his presence or his judgment. As his
child, his love has driven fear from my heart and replaced it with
love from his abiding presence, the Holy Spirit.

Holy and Righteous Father, I thank you for your overwhelming
love demonstrated to me in Jesus. I thank you for providing the
atoning sacrifice for my sins and for adopting me into your family.
Father, please cast all fear from my heart and help me walk
confidently with you and for you, with character and purpose.
In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.


Never Alone

You're never alone.
God is with you.
He knows your name.
He numbers the hairs on your head.
He understands the cares in your heart.
Every morning, He's by your side.
Every night, He watches over you as you sleep.
There's never a moment you're not in His thoughts...
never a day you're not in His care.
You're never on your own.
He whispers to your heart,
"You're forever My own."

Just a little reminder...
Love is with you today.

God is love.
Whoever lives in love lives in God.

I John 4:16 NIV

Holley Gerth