Poems 20

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Let not your heart be troubled,
Give your worries and cares to Me.
I am your Heavenly Father
Who suffered and died for thee.
There are times throughout your Earthly life
When you are filled with doubts and fear.
Always come to Me in prayer
And know that I am near.
The love I have for you, dear child,
Can never be bought or measured.
It's a gift I freely give to you.
It is My most precious treasure.
When sorrow or pain come your way
And life seems to be unfair,
Let not your heart be troubled...
Just come to Me in prayer.

Poet: Shirley Hile Powell

Cast all your anxiety on Him
for He cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7


After all, Jesus Christ said;
John 14:1


Rainbows appear after mighty storms,
when things look their very worst.
Just when the skies are darkest gray,
look for the rainbow first.

The rainbow is a sign of God's promise,
that He will guide us through all our troubles,
no matter what their form.

When you feel battered by life's storms,
and you are filled with doubt and dismay;
just remember God's rainbow is coming,
it's only a prayer away.

B.J. Morbitzer

God answers prayer

I know not by what methods rare,
But this I know, God answers prayer.
I know He gives His pledged word
Which tells me prayer is always heard,
And will be answered soon or late,
Though often it is hard to wait.

I know not if the blessing sought
Will come in just the way I thought;
I leave my prayer with Him alone,
Whose will is wiser than my own,
Assured that He will grant my quest,
Or send an answer far more blest.
Author unknown

Never Alone

He can calm the troubled waters
When you walk in dark despair.
There is hope when you feel helpless
Knowing that the Lord is there...

Sharing in your sunshine moments
Or in valleys deep and wide,
He is always by your side.

There's no other friend so faithful
Through the sunshine and rain,
Through the teardrops and the laughter,
In your joy and in your pain.

We could never, ever thank Him
For His love He gives so free,
Never changing...never ending
Throughout all eternity.

Oh, the wonder of all wonders
As we live from day to day,
Knowing that we have a Father
Who is with us all the way.

Poet: Gertrude B. McClain