Testimonies 6

Having listened to a number of testimonies, I realised that mine was slightly different.
This tells us something – that Jesus comes to our lives in different ways.
I was brought up in a small Welsh village. I had a happy childhood;
we weren't wealthy but both my parents were true practising Christians.
In our village, like many in those years (about 60 yrs ago),
the centre of the village was the church and the school.

We all, as a family, went to church three times every Sunday.
My father was church secretary, among other things and our whole life was involved in church activities: Sunday school & taking part in Sunday services - especially on special occasions like Christmas, Easter & Harvest Thanksgiving with singing, reciting & taking part in plays.
Church and its activities were a total way of life.
Our minister was an elderly man and I have to say his sermons were beyond my understanding
and I suppose that going to the services on Sundays had become somewhat of a ritual.

However, a new minister came. He was younger; his preaching was different.
I began to understand about Jesus and his love. I felt something happening within me – I went to church now because I was eager to learn more and more. He preached about Jesus and his love for
all people, about his sacrifice on the cross, about repentance & about forgiveness and eternal life.
When I was 17 yrs of age the minister started classes for anyone who would like to learn more about Christianity and living a Christian life. I went & things began to change for me. Jesus became the centre of my life: going to Church was not a ritual any more – I went because I wanted to go,
I wanted to learn more.

After some time in one of the classes, I accepted Jesus as my Saviour.
This was a Baptist church and anyone who accepted Jesus into their lives was invited to be baptised. I accepted, but this meant further tuition. I learnt that baptism was an act of cleansing;
a new beginning.
On May 13th 1962 I was baptised by total submersion. This was a wonderful and emotional experience and words cannot describe the feeling I had when I was lifted out of the water that Sunday morning.
I felt like a new person. I also felt no fear of being submerged although I had had a fear of water all my life!!

In the evening service I was accepted as a member of the church. I felt very proud and privileged
to have become a member of the Church of Christ. This, however, meant a commitment.
In September I left home to study in the BIG city of Liverpool – a big step into a big new world.
My faith in my friend Jesus Christ helped me through this traumatic time. Attending a church in Liverpool was a great means of support for a Christian young in age and young in the faith.
Everywhere I have lived since church has been a help in all situations. I came to Spain and found a church…..but how? That’s another story – a miracle!

Mair Martinez

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