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Did I Thank You, Lord?

Oh Lord, You are so wonderful
Did I take the time to pray,
Or did I find myself wrapped up
In other things today?

Did I remember to thank You
For the moon and stars above,
And all You have created
But most of all... Your love?

Did I mention that I'm thankful
I can read Your word each day,
By opening up my Bible
And to Your words, try to obey?

Did I remember to thank You too
For this beautiful sunny day,
For the birds that sing so joyfully
In their melancholy way?

Have I asked for Your forgiveness
When I complain of things I should not?
For I know, Lord, in my heart
I must be grateful for all I’ve got.

Did I thank You for the love
You have placed within my heart,
And for the many friends I have?
For with me, they are a part.

Finally, Lord, have I let You know
My life would be incomplete,
If I didn't know You, as my Savior...
The one someday I'll meet?

Ruth Ann Mahaffey


In the silence of the stars,
In the quiet of the hills,
In the heaving of the sea,
Speak, Lord.

In the stillness of this room,
In the calming of my mind,
In the longing of my heart,
Speak, Lord.

In the voice of a friend,
In the chatter of a child,
In the words of a stranger,
Speak, Lord.

In the opening of a book,
In the looking of a film,
In the listening to music,
Speak, Lord.

For your servant listens.

David Adam

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