Special Blue Box

As a young teen, I remember visiting my friend and finding her sitting on the floor of her bedroom.
The closet was empty. Tracy’s bedroom had the look of a war zone.
Boxes, papers, photographs, old CD’s were strewn all over the floor.
The shrapnel of her memory was almost overwhelming to her.

As she reached across the mess, she came upon a photograph of her old boyfriend,
suddenly something very unexpected tugged at Tracy’s heart.
She began to recall the good times she and Dan had and then all of a sudden
those good memories faded and she began to tell me all
about the mistakes that both her and Dan had made.

An emptiness, a sadness seemed to settle into my good friends heart.
Searching for something to say to my friend, I noticed in the middle of the floor a little blue box.
When I asked her what the blue box was, her countenance began to change
as she recalled all of the notes of
encouragement that laid within that blue box.

It was the promises of God that kept my friend going after her heartbreaking breakup with Dan.
Inside the blue box was the reminder of the friendship that she had developed with God during
the darkest time of her life.

What I saw next, was totally unbelievable!
Suddenly her floor was no longer filled with memories of pain and hurt
but now it was just a bunch of trash and
a very special blue box.

We are very much like my friend Tracy.
We try to cling to our past, and the bad memories that haunt us.
Some times the best thing to do is just throw it all away and
with God’s help, just move forward!

“The past is valuable as a guidepost, but dangerous if used as a hitching post.”


The Lord says,
Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago.
Watch for the new thing I am going to do.
It is happening already – you can see it now!
 ISAIAH 43:18-19