The Surprise

Hello Friend!

God surprised me the other night. Does He ever do that to you?

As lights in the sanctuary flickered low we paused for a moment to pray.
My pastor said, "Ask God to show you what you need to see in your heart."

I waited to hear a flaw, a struggle, a secret sin unknown even to me.
But the words that drifted into my heart were the last ones I expected to hear...

"Stop doubting My love."
My head snapped up.

Stop doubting My love?
Could that be right?

Yet as I glanced at my husband sitting next to me, I knew it was true.
The moments in our marriage that grieve him most deeply are when,
for some reason or another, I find it hard to believe he really loves me.

It's not about him--it's about me.
Past wounds.
Believing I have to be perfect.

I began to understand. After all, I'm the bride of Christ say the sacred pages.

Wouldn't doubting His love grieve Him too?

I whispered a prayer of sorry, of receiving the love that's already mine,
of opening my heart more fully to the One who pursues me relentlessly. And you too.

You are loved.
More than you know.
More than you see.
More than you've even dared to dream.
We can stop doubting.
We can be secure in Love.

And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.
I John 4:16

By the time the lights went back up in the sanctuary,
I felt all lit up on the inside too.

Full of joy.
Fully loved.


Wherever you are today…

Pause for a moment.
Lean back in your chair.
Close your eyes and let this truth drift through you…

You are loved.
Right here.
Right now.
More than you know.
Beyond what you can see.

Then open your eyes again and see where you are differently.

You have what you need for this moment.
You make a difference more than you know.
You are held in the arms of One who will never let you go.

Holley Gerth

The world only gets one you...

You with your gifts.
You with your smile.
You with those things you do.

So take your place,
take your chances,
take this moment to know...
You've got something to offer.
Something good and right and true.
Something God-given,
Heart-of-Heaven created.
And the rest of us need it, need you.

Oh, you think it's no big deal.
Anyone could be that way.
Anyone could do it.


Not true.

There's just one irreplaceable you.

Holley Gerth

"And He smiles.
He laughs at me and says,
‘I have been right beside you this whole time.
I was the warmth on your pillow,
and I was the breeze on a Sunday morning.
I was the silence in the middle of the day,
the dust floating in streams of sunlight,
the peace of mind that defied all logic.
I was in your best friend's advice,
and in the forgiveness of everyone who has ever been hurt.
I was with you this entire time,
but more than that,
I AM.’"

-- I asked God, “Where have you been?”

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