Welcome to the Prayer Room, a place of comfort and peace where you can leave a prayer request for yourself or for someone you know and love who is in need.

To add a prayer request, simply click on "new entry" and fill out the form.

We encourage you to not only submit a prayer request but also to pray for the other requests already published.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in His loving care.


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David Holdsworth m

:butterfly2: Praying for a better world. :beetle1: :books:

United KingdomEdinburgh

John m

Prayers for the wonderful people who put together and maintain this website. It was nice to stumble into. God bless.:grouphug:


Andres Celi m

Solicito oración por el problema de casa en Salinas, la cual me quiere ser injustamente arrebatada por un banco. Le pido a Dios que me conceda el milagro de poder conservarla.


Carmen Neira f

Por favor orar para q me salga un trabajo q no afecte mis bronquios.asi poder cambiarme de domicilio y salirme del jobcenter.


Henry m

Please all pray for the peace in the world. :praying:


rodrigo m

Pido por mi sanación física y espiritual. Que El Señor sane mis órganos enfermos, que traiga tranquilidad a mi vida y me permita muchos años más junto a mi familia. Amén.


carmen Neira f

Hola!xfav pido oracion para un empleo q no afecte mi salud.y por 1 pequeno aparte.ento n hamburgo.
por mi adolesente Marvin.q tenga sed d secuir n l camino d Jesus,y d seguir leyendo la sagrada palabra.
.is mas Sinceros agradecimientos.


Mimi f

Por mi Matrimonio

United States of America

Servant f

I pray for every person´s who burdens with their problem. Trust in the lord with all your heart, and not lean into your understanding Proverbs:3;5-6:-) :-)

Saudi Arabia

maria f

:suncomputer: :books: :flower1: :-)* :grouphug: :grouphug: :praying:


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